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EVENTS-talks& Outings

No upcoming events at the moment

Talks are at Naples Botanical Garden, FGCU Education Center, Buehler Auditorium at 7:00pm


Audubon Western Everglades brings top wildlife and conservation experts together to educate, inform and inspire in our Speaker Series. Here on video are some of our most popular past events to enjoy.

Manatee Pic.jpg

Manatees in Our Waterways

Speaker: FWC Biologist, Abigail Steele

Birds, Bee’s, and Butterflies, Natures Pollinators

Speakers: Tara McGraw, Andee Naccarato, & Hamatahl Cohen, event in Collaboration with Naples Native Plant Society


Whales in our Oceans and the Perils they May Face

Speaker: Catherine Uden, South Florida Field Rep from Oceana.Org


Brown Pelicans, the Smallest Pelicans

Speaker: Rochelle Streker, Audubon Florida Biologist


Green Herons; Plumages, Behavior and Ecology

Dr. Jerry Jackson, Professor Emeritus, FGCU


Gopher Tortoises on Marco Updates

Speaker: Brittany Piersma, AWE Field Biologist

Florida Springs.jpg

Our Florida Springs

Speaker: Dr. Robert Knight, Florida Springs Institute.

Move ahead to minute 15 in recording to view presentation. In process of editing out black space

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