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Audubon Western Everglades is training conservation leaders for a better tomorrow.

AWE has opportunities to expand your knowledge about conservation

and the Western Everglades.

conservation leadership program

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"An Exceptional Youth Conservation Leadership Program"

The AWE Conservation Leadership Program (CLP) is a multi-week after school program for high school students that combines environmental awareness, local actions to protect our natural habitat and wildlife, and advocacy. The program provides students a solid understanding how community conservation policy evolves and an enriching experience in how teams can make a tangible difference. 

Students have the rare opportunity to explore their local ecosystem through a unique experiential and comprehensive learning model that is delivered by outstanding experts in the field.

Students desiring to pursue conservation as a career choice are equipped to explore continuing environmental educational and career pathways.

"It is amazing what can be learned when we, as humans, step back and let nature be our teacher."


"Truly fascinating to learn about how every component of an ecosystem is interconnected."


"The difference between learning in the classroom and learning in the field is massive."


apply for conservation leadership program

Please complete the form to request application for the program. Applications must be recieved  no later than 30 days before the program start date.

Acceptance is subject to available slots.

Thanks for submitting!

Apply Here:

If your school is interested in the program, please have them reach out to us.

learning library


Photo by Lum3n

Birdwatching? Download a complementary series of birdwatching guides for the shorebirds of SouthWest Florida. Learn more about gulls, plovers, sandpipers, terns, skimmers, wading and water birds.

recommended reading


field trips

Get outdoors and experience the natural wonder of the Western Everglades and Southwest Florida up close. AWE sponsors a series of field trips in the fall, winter, and spring conducted by our team of experts.

expert speaker series


Learn about important ecosystems and conservation habitats from renowned biologists and conservation experts in our Expert Speaker Series. The series of "talks" are prdeominantly live and in person, and provide fresh insights and perspectives on some of the most important conservation topics of the moment.

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