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We are all stewards of the Western Everglades, but too often humans have put urban growth and selfish interests above this amazing habitat, placing wildlife and life-giving resources in peril. AWE  was created to advocate for the conservation of this land and its creatures. Behind all the good works our primary programs achieve are these core objectives: Conservation & Advocacy, Citizen Science and Outreach and Research & Monitoring. As we create more advocates, enabling the Western Everglades to flourish is within reach. And when this habitat flourishes, we are not only good stewards of these beautiful lands and wildlife; we humans enjoy practical benefits like cleaner water, and reduced storm surge, for example. Here are our core work objectives...

Conservation & Advocacy

AWE is dedicated to conserving what natural resources remain in SW Florida.


Our staff are working with legislators, conservation organizations, and advocacy groups to preserve rural lands, wetlands, and public lands. 


Learn more about our key Conservation programs:


Citizen Science & Outreach

Education leads to advocacy! Leveraging the public to help save wildlife is one of our key missions. From imperiled bird life in SW Florida, to burrowing Owls, to Gopher Tortoises and more. AWE coordinates Owl Watch, a community science-based program monitoring the Burrowing Owls on Marco Island, and also supports a winter Shorebird Stewardship Program, monitoring wintering Black Skimmers and terns. 


Research & Monitoring

AWE partners with several organizations in conducting research to improve the health of the habitat of the Western Everglades.

Notably, we work with Audubon Florida biologists to contribute data on Shorebird Research projects within Florida and from other states.

Our Team conducts reserach on the Gopher Tortoises, a threated species andpart of the delicated habaitate of Marco Island.

Burrowing Owl Research is conducted with University of Florida in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation to yield data essential to the conservation of this threatened species. 


awe's impact

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We are continually buoyed by the results of our efforts, and are so proud of the many citizen volunteers, partners and donors we have throughout the community. These shared efforts have had an amazing impact on the Western Everglades - and our work is ongoing. 


Postitive Outcomes


Chief Programs of Audubon Western Everglades Include:

Contribute to our work on these initiatives

Help us protect the western everglades with a financial gift.

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