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Founded in 1961, Audubon Western Everglades is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting South West Florida’s Natural Resources and Wildlife through advocacy, education, and community science.

AWE is dedicated to


Wetland Acres Lost in SW Florida Since 2004


Listed Wildlife Species in SW Florida

SW FL Regional Planning Council

Acres in Our Wetlands Protection Goal

Twice the size of the City of Cape Coral, FL.


Everyday citizens like you are

making a difference

"Volunteering for AWE has been life changing for me. By volunteering with Burrowing Owls, Gopher Tortoises, Shorebirds, Conservation lots, educating the public and more, you too can make a difference for our next generation and our Earth’s future. AWE staff and team members go above and beyond to help wherever it is needed. Thank you AWE for all you do!

L.P.T, Volunteer


"As a member of AWE, I am truly amazed at all the wonderful talks and field trips they offer.  I always find the topics interesting, and the hosts are always so knowledgeable.  They are doing such great work in SW Florida I am proud to be an ongoing member."

L.A.B., Member

egret_at_sunset-1604685827 (1).jpg

J.H., Donor

"AWE has been a conservation rampart in SW Florida for decades. They have also experienced exciting growth in the last 7 years, both with staff additions and new projects. I am continually inspired and buoyed by their resolve and passion to protect wild Florida. They deserve our support."


Be the first to learn about progress on the work we are doing, important activity updates from the field, the latest news affecting our habitat and special events  - and get our quarterly newsletter - all in your email inbox, free. (No membership required).

injured birds or wildlife

If you discover or have knowledge of Injured Birds or Wildlife in the region,

please call the von Arx Wildlife Hospital at (239) 262-0304.

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Photographs on website provided by:

Jean Hall, and Dr. Jane Ruprecht.  AWE thanks you for letting us showcase your amazing work!


Our work continues to make an impact, because of

the generous gifts, expertise, and shared missions of our partners.

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